Cell-Fix Serum

Stem cells Concentrate

Cell-Fix is a breakthrough in advanced skin care. It consists of extracted apple and grape stem cells. In vitro studies have shown these botanical stem cells to act similarly to human epidermal stem cells. They renew and rejuvenate skin’s natural stem cells, increase skins cellular turnover, help repair DNA, delay aging of collagen-producing fibroblasts, restore elasticity and protect against oxidative stress which can contribute to premature aging. Results are visible in just a few weeks – wrinkles are evened and the skin looks smooth and radiant.

  • Rejuvenation
  • Delayed Aging
  • Increased Cellular Turnover
  • Improved elasticity
  • Antioxidant

Key Ingredients

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Naturally obtained from olive oil, this ingredient is a highly-effective moisturizer and is a major constituent of the human sebum. It helps to maintain skin’s flexibility and suppleness and the proper barrier function against hostile environmental conditions. Due to its skin-identical structure, this ingredient has high affinity to skin and its natural lipids, excellent skin-penetrating qualities, reduced fine wrinkles, medium spreading qualities, non irritating, non-allergenic, and hypo-comedogenic properties. The resulting tissue shows improved texture accompanied by a reduction in dryness and fine lines/wrinkles.

A natural highly functional polysaccharide extracted from Larch trees. Studies have shown that this ingredient is a significant exfoliant as well as an exfoliant enhancer when used with other exfoliants. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases cell metabolic activity, improves sun-blocking properties of titanium oxide and reduces trans epidermal water loss.

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