Rejuve-Night Cream

Texturizing Night Moisturizer

Rejuve-Night Cream is a multi-potent, highly effective cream designed to induce beneficial changes in the texture and appearance of the skin during night time. The key ingredient is the Glycolic Acid Polymer. This form of Glycolic Acid is more natural and less harmful to the skin. It gently exfoliates the skin to create a smoother and supple skin. It also assists in counteracting discolorations and other imperfections. At the same time, Retinol stimulates renewal of the skin resulting in a younger and healthier complexion.

Additional sophisticated ingredients like Aminoguanidine and L-Carnosine protect the skin against glycation and premature aging of the skin while highly valuable herbal oils prevent the skin from loss of moisture.

  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Activate cell-turnover
  • Inhibition of collagen breakdown
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Antioxidant
  • Brightening

Key Ingredients

The polymer is a “strand” of linked glycolic acid molecules. It is more readily absorbed by the skin where it slowly breaks down to exert its exfoliating activity. It is less irritating than the “regular” glycolic acid.

Retinol is fat soluble chirally corrected form of vitamin A. It is considered a powerful anti-aging multiple-action agent. It penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate regeneration of skin cells, open clogged pores, balance the sebum secretion, brighten hyper-pigmented areas, inhibit matrix metaloproteinases that breakdown collagen and elastin and repair tissue damages.

Olive oil consists mainly of fatty acids (oleic acid 55-85%, palmitic acid and linoleic acid) along with other skin-nourishing compounds such as squalane, oleuropein and vitamin E. Olive oil is an effective anti-oxidant, moisturizer and protects the skin against UVB damage.

The most active form of the fat-soluble vitamin E. Tocopherol is recognized as the most effective biological antioxidant that mainly protects the skin against UV damage. Vitamin E is used as a moisturizing agent, an antioxidant and to improve the elasticity of the skin.

A natural ingredient with proven attributes for soothing irritated skin, stimulating cell regeneration and moisturising very dry skin. It is said to promote wound healing and tissue formation.

A mushroom-derived polysaccharide that stimulates the immune function of the skin and improves the skin’s moisture retention.

An anti-inflammatory agent and a building block to collagen and elastin.

An anti-inflammatory agent and a building block to collagen and elastin. It works in combination with D-Beta-Fructan and D-Beta-Glucosamine to build stable, moisture-retaining mucopolysaccharides in the skin.

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